Bret Lockett Talks NFL Lockout, His Dating Situation


There’s talk of an NFL lock out. Do you see that happening? What’s your game plan?

I don’t see it happening because I just know what there is to lose as far as money and revenue for the owners, so I don’t see that happening. But if a lockout does happen, I’m prepared to do what I’ve been doing – the music and the charities. I just had my football camp two weeks ago, I have my foundation, my looking forward foundation where we focus on inner city kids and try to give back to them and give them positive role models to look up to. That’s just what I’m about. We’re all here for a certain reason, and unless we find out what that reason is, our lives are a waste. I’m here to touch people – if I can touch them through music, if somebody listens to my song and they’re like “I’m so touched” or “It made me cry” then that makes me happy. And when I can [sit and look at these kids and say they had a great time at the camp and their moms are telling me “Thank you so much,” they hit me up on Facebook like, “I appreciate you, you didn’t have to do that” – that’s what makes me happy at the end of the day. It’s a crazy world out there and we just gotta do our part to give back.

Did you save, though because people can get reckless with money?

[Laughs] Did I save? I mean, we always gotta have a little stash. Some people do get reckless. I don’t wanna say you gotta have a backup plan but you have to think wisely and you have to be logical.

So, musically, who are some of your influences?

Growing up⎯you know⎯I’m a California guy, so of course I’m a big Tupac fan. His passion and inspiration for music and how he used to just stay in the studio for days in and days out – that’s just something that I really appreciate. As far as from an entrepreneur standpoint with music, I really like Jay-Z. Just, like I said, everything he was able to do and make orange juice out of oranges. As far as music, I think those are the only two icons I look up to. I look at styles and I kind of try to see what everybody’s doing and try not to fall into that fold. I try to keep my own reign because you can’t please everybody. Either you’re gonna like it or you’re not gonna like it. I just do what I feel is pure and real from the heart and I just hope people appreciate it.

Musically, we’re in a certain place now because the Internet and being independent are working to a lot of people’s advantage. So how’s that working for you?

I definitely think it’s working for everybody who doesn’t wanna go through a major label and don’t have the money to do so, because the whole thing with going through labels is more for when you don’t have the money to do it on your own, so I definitely think that if you can make money on your own and not have to go the label way it’s more lucrative for you and you can create a better profit. So there’s definitely pluses about being independent but you just gotta have the money to do it.

What else are you working on?

We’re focusing on pushing my first single “Let’s Go,” the video and all that right now is in Europe and India and Asia so we’re just focusing on getting that out as well. My mixtape was supposed to drop at the end of the summer, but I think we’re gonna bump the date back to probably fall or winter. That’s really about it and you now we’re gonna keep grinding and get ready for the season because we’re starting within the next three weeks, hopefully. And that’s really it.

Are you dating right now?

I date here and there. I try to stay focused on things that I want and spend a little time to actually do what I want to do so when I do get time I’m usually trying to read or in the studio going through melodies in my head and writing. I mean, I’m a guy, I’m single, I do what I do but I wouldn’t be against the fact of meeting somebody and getting to know them and all that, but that’s just not my focus right now.

So if that was your focus, what are you looking for another Kimmie?

[Laughs] If that was my focus⎯an intelligent woman, lovely smile. It’s more about what’s unique inside than the outside. We all love beautiful people, but at the end of the day a beautiful face is a beautiful face. It’s on the inside what counts and I like learning and I think it’s such a turn-on when you can sit down with somebody and they can sit there and tell you things that you did not know, especially about something within your industry or your realm. When you sit down and a girl knows a lot about a little, I think that’s very attractive, very well-rounded and well-spoken. And lady-like – I don’t like the rah rah rowdy women. Just be subtle and be pretty.

I have to say you don’t seem like the jerk or media whore that various blogs and news outlets seemed to make you out to be.

No, I’m not, but the media needs to have eyeballs and at the end of the day eyeballs equal money so we gotta spend it and spend it till we can’t spend it no more. That’s how they do it.

What’s your response to people saying you only started talking about Kim because of the music?

I’ve been doing music before I met Kim. I’ve been doing football my whole life. So, for me to do something to be an attention whore or however you wanna put it, I don’t have a problem getting attention. Like my old guidance counselor in high school used to say, “Everybody has opinions and they’re just like armpits – they all stink.” I just let everybody talk and I just continue doing what I’ve been doing. Everybody who knows me, and anybody that really knows me knows the person I am and what kind of morals and ethics I have. You can check my track record and you can see, UCLA/Poli-Sci major, it just doesn’t go. There’s certain things that go, and there’s certain things that don’t go. And then when you look at somebody else’s track record it’s like well, that kind of goes, with what have they been doing? I’m not gonna say no names [laughs].

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