Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival Finale: Q-Tip Brings Out Kanye and Busta Rhymes


Saturday’s Main Day Show in the Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest was everything that was promised for the past week. Thousands came out to the New Dock area in Brooklyn to support the topic of focus for the past week: Hip Hop.

The day long event featured music performances split into two stages. On the main Brooklyn Bridge Stage, God’silla, Nitty Scott, Homeboy Sandman, Eternia (bringing out Rah Digga) and host of other acts helped open the event earlier in the day. DJ GetLive did a couple of sets on the Tobacco Warehouse stage, with the additional performances from other artists including 90’s veterans Lords Of The Underground.

As the day went on, Kendrick Lamar hit the main stage and gave a brief yet dope performance. MOP soon followed suit and had the crowd going apeshit when Ante Up blasted through the speakers. A Tribe Called Quest’s own DJ Ali Shaheed gave us a nice spin on the turntables while everyone waited for what they really paid their money to see: Q-Tip (and who the rumored “friends” he’d be bringing out were).

The Abstract sure didn’t disappoint. Coming out in shades and a “hat to the back” fitted, Q-Tip had the crowd feeding off his energy with every change of song. As Hip Hop artists go, this man knows the logistics of proper crowd interaction and stage personality. The first of his friends was the Queen of The Native Tongues herself Monie Love, who after rocking with Tip gave an “off the schedule” performance of Monie In The Middle. Yes fellas, she’s still got it.

Next up was Flatbush artist Sean Penn, who Q-Tip brought out to rep Brooklyn since he was there reppin Queens. He then brought out Black Thought, and had the crowd rocking “side to side” to Bonita Applebaum and the classic Electric Relaxation. Then it was Busta Rhymes’s turn to surprise the stage, coming in just in time to perform Scenario. After doing his infamous Look At Now verse and then joining Tip again for Oh My God, the two showed mad love on stage where Busta said “I ended up on [A Tribe Called Quest’s] albums all the time, because when I wasn’t getting along with members of The Leaders Of The New School and we was going through our little beefs, I was like ‘Fuck yall niggas. Imma go fuck around with Tribe! I wanna be in that crew anyway nigga!”

The biggest surprise of the night however had to be when Kanye West came out. Yes, he jumped in the crowd immediately and yes, he had on a snapback and skinny jeans. With the addition of Dark Fantasy and Can’t Tell Me Nothing, Ye and Q-Tip did a rendition of Award Tour that really made you (almost) wish Watch The Throne was a Q-Tip/Kanye West collab. After all the excitement, Q-Tip came back out to close the show with an encore performance of Vivrant Thing. Shoutout to the entire Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival this year, as each event was a great representation of Hip Hop at its finest! —Keenan Higgins

Peep vid below of Q-Tip and Kanye’s Award Tour Live Performance: