Calling All Girls: Afghan Women Must Tolerate Punishment For Cell Phones


Every day in our affluent society we see everyone including women freely using their cell phones and other emerging technologies. However, women aspiring to use cell phones in countries like Afghanistan results in merciless punishment such as divorce or domestic abuse.

Shocking? Despite our reality there are still ethnic disparities facing minority women across the globe.

In a recent article titled, “Afghan Women Tolerate Beating for Cell Phones in Emerging Market the author reflects the difficulties women in some countries in South & Central Asia, and Africa have in accessing technology that can increase their mobility and give them an income.

The article states:

While women are eager to use technologies such as cell phones, companies have to find a way around men’s apprehension, says Aleeda Fazal, a mobile money specialist.

“In the Afghan woman’s mind, mobile phone technology helps her to keep in touch with friends and can help her be entrepreneurial,” Fazal says. “In the Afghan man’s mind, the technology means he loses control of the woman.”

For women in emerging markets, cell phones can be life changing, offering banking services to free them from the dangers of carrying cash, texting when the communal water tap will open or sending instructions in prenatal care.

The article also reports that Afghan women would tell men they weren’t interested in obtaining cell phones because that’s what they think men would want them to say. “The story I would get from the women was completely different,” she says. “They were often saying, ‘Please, find a way to help us be a part of this.’”

So Vixens- let’s imagine a world where you could be punished for using something as simple as a cell phone? How would you feel if this tool was taken away from you based on the fact you’re a woman?