Cat Fight! Basketball Wives Stars Meeka Claxton & Tami Roman Get Into Fist Fight


With all the drama that is illuminated from Basketball Wives this season, there was no surprise that an off-camera brawl ensued between stars Meeka Claxton and Tami Roman. Tami being known as the realest on the show and Meeka as the troublemaker, something potentially popping off could have been foreseen months ago.

TMZ first broke the story about a month ago speculating a fistfight had occurred between Meeka and Tami inside a nightclub during their trip to Italy.  These rumors were quickly swept under the rug to avoid exposing what was to be expected during Basketball Wives this season.

However, recent findings conclude that Meeka is back with a vengeance and has filed legal papers suing Tami for assault and battery. Well, seeing that these two ladies have been bickering for quite some time now, Tami may have a countersuit on her hand for defamation of character—can anyone say self-defense? Clearly, her tweets the day after the incident prove there is more to the story:

Meeka is not a victim! She wanted 2get it poppin w/me 2 impress Evelyn. If I feel threatened, I have a right 2 defend myself.

Meeka said, Tami “assaulted, battered, beat, threatened, menaced, attacked, jumped on, pushed to the ground, thrashed, punched, and shoved,” causing serious injury. Meeka hasn’t specified how much money she is suing for but claims it cost her a day of filming plus emotional and physical stress…

This should be interesting. Tami may have won the battle, but will she win the war, is the real question?—Noelle Lattimore