Caylee Anthony Law To Be Introduced In Nebraska


A Nebraska lawmaker has teamed up with other politicians in an effort to offer Caylee’s Law proposals in their state legislatures.

Omaha Senator Pete Pirsch announced on Thursday that he will introduce a version of the new law, named for Caylee Anthony, the Florida 2-year-old whose mother, Casey Anthony, was acquitted July 5 in her murder.

The proposed legislation would make it a felony for parents or caretakers to withhold reporting a child’s disappearance for more than 24 hours. It is being thoroughly researched by Pirsch and other Nebraska law makers who wish to fairly implement the child-protecting policy.

“The death of a child under such circumstances is not very common”, said Senator Pirsch in a news release.

“But Caylee’s case shows us it does happen. It is important that we have adequate laws in place to deter someone acting to hide the murder of a child, whether that person committed the murder himself or not.”

Concealing the death of a child is already a crime in the Nebraska but research has shown that there are currently no laws in place pertaining to reporting a death. News reports show that as many as 20 other states are looking at similar Caylee’s law legislation.

Via Inquisitr.