Color-Blind Love: Interracial Dating


Robin Thicke + Paula PattonIs it okay to date/marry outside your race? That’s the question (depending on who you ask) that’s still unanswered in most communities. From the get-go dating outside your race, in most cases, has lead to the pressure of insults from friends and, most importantly, family members. Back in the 80s and 90s when I was growing up in Miami, dating a Caucasian woman, or anyone outside of the African-American community, was considered immoral. But today, while black love is still a beautiful thing, famous interracial couples in Hollywood are clearly becoming the new trend! These couples are illustrating the increase in mixed-race relationships more & more on each passing red carpet, and some will argue that it’s just as beautiful!

It’s been said that once the black man becomes financially successful he ditches the sister for a Caucasian woman. And as for the sisters, well… they date outside their race to secure the comfort of being with a fella who has a good credit score. Shallow? You bet’cha! Both sexes tend to feel belittled when these types of action occurs; most even take it as a huge insult to one’s character.

No matter if the relationship is long-term or short-term, you have to ask yourself does the challenge of interracial dating still exist? Have our families become more welcoming and open-minded to this trend? Does one lose their “Black card” because they’re attracted to someone of a different ethical background? Or is today’s society still pulling the race card quicker than Nicki Minaj could change her facial expression.

How do my Vixens feel about this taboo topic?

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