Consequence Releases Pusha-T Diss Track ‘The Plagurist Society,’ Calls Kanye West A ‘Coward’


Just when we thought the drama was over, former G.O.O.D. Music MC and A Tribe Called Quest affiliated rapper Consequence has released yet another diss track aimed at his old crew. But this time Pusha-T receives the worst of Cons’ lyrical threats:

I guess I’m the Game of GOOD Music, except I was in the game before GOOD music, please look into it….the cameo killer who murks them with each verse, so get dressed for school and put away your Playcloths as I drop these jewels…

I guess Baby Thornton was maybe snortin’ whatever Tony was importin’ when they caught him, cause that dope rap is really joke rap, if you investigate it thoroughly, its Kojack….I’m from the borough where the Preme Team sold crack….”

“I went from being slighted to be invited into being knighted… It’s time to expire, yeah, meaning that it’s time to retire cause you’ll never get a trophy playing for the Steelers. They steal n—as lines, steal n—as flows, 40 million in, still a n—a owes. From what Julie tells me of your business practices, they like abstinence. Ugh. You keep f–king around, but still dont hit. And that’s why the m-f’in Clipse got clipped. So why would this plagiarist, think to play with this all too dangerous kid who made them haters rich. But still there’s no Malice in my heart for these poor little wretched clowns…

So somebody pls tell Terrence I dont care if its Steven or Ferris, to go take a breather on the terrace, before he does something to make his team perish. Cause he ain’t nothing but a body shield for that coward from the Midwest. But yes you can bet, that his boss is next.”

Another diss track aimed at Kanye West is expected to leak.

Listen to “The Plagurist Society” Here