Consequence Releases Teaser To New Kanye West Diss; Refers To Ye’ As A ‘Pupper Master’

After countless attacks on his former allies at the G.O.O.D. Music camp, Consequence is ready to shed more light into his issues with leader Kanye West. In a new video teaser, the Queens Native brings everyone to the table, insuitiating Kanye West to be a “puppet master” of sorts. The test captions read:

We can only guess for now, but it looks like the world willl know exactly why Cons is determined to bring down Mr. West.

Some stories end in sweet success. There are people in life who are born with a gift to control the masses through a magic known as… self expression. Here’s the problem… you have some who think they have this ability and others who are robbed for it… But by who??

The.. puppet masters. They are the ones who are put in place to ensure that any wizard on the horizon relinquishes his power to the king.. the only one who can stop the king and his court is… the warrior and it’s been done before… and will happen again.

The world is watching… coming soon Movies On Demand

Stay tuned for updates!