Deal With It, Stop Blaming The Jump-offs


It’s no secret the jump-offs are officially winning.

Adulterers, cheaters, home wreckers, sideline pieces or jump-offs as they are now popularly referred to have a cultural lineage that extends as far back as their loyal counterparts. Ever since men and women began living ‘happily’ monogamous lives together, there were jealous third parties eagerly awaiting an opportunity to intervene.

Some would argue men cheat because they can. It’s easy to cheat, that part is true. But where do we go from there?

For those who have been in relationships or even close to anyone involved with someone, infidelity is nothing new. Why men cheat remains to be an unsolved mystery. Yes, the concept is quite primordial but with advancement of technology like social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and email, infidelity has a found a way to keep up with the changing times.

Do all men cheat? Frankly, the short answer is, well, most do. Men are painted as the front-runner when it comes to cheating.

It’s often said that men cheat for sex, while women cheat looking to fill a void in a relationship. Pending the few amounts of chromosomes, men can easily separate between sex and emotion, while women typically need to experience an emotional connection to a person before fulfilling that sexual desire.

Back in the day, men were a lot more discrete about their private endeavors outside of the bedroom. For decades, adultery was viewed as a serious offense but unspoken truth with frequent accounts. Everyone knew papa was a rolling a stone and wherever he laid his hat… well you know the rest. No it’s not a form of official acceptance but more of a silent certainty.

Man is a creature very curious by nature. We are curious people. With this curiosity comes the feeling to abandon boredom. This metaphor goes the same for sexual endeavors. That’s why men don’t necessarily always cheat with someone who is more attractive then what they have at home. The upgrade factor has no connection with the jump-off.

Bottom line is there are a multitude of reasons why men cheat -— many of which are specific to the relationship. As men, we need to figure out how to stop ourselves and ask why we can’t find other ways to pull happiness from our current situation. The false high of hooking up with the jump-off is only an illusion, which never leads to long-term gratification. What we should question is what would we do if this happens to us? Can we look at our partner in the face?

If you’ve never cheated, desired or don’t know anyone who has I wouldn’t expect you to be able to relate. In any relationship, respect must be present. Healthy relationships are full of respect and trust. Not lies and betrayal.

But please don’t be stunned, women cheat too. They’re just way better at it.


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