Dear Mom, I Mean, Future Wife…


From Hello Beautiful -- It’s funny how easy it is to see our own relationships with rose-colored glasses.  I have an ex with whom I swear I just about never had an argument.  In my mind, rather than just finishing each other’s sentences, each of us would say an alternating word of each phrase, but I’m lucky to have sisters who tell me how foolish I am and remind me that we really fussed plenty.  With my most recent ex, however, it seemed like we argued over everything.  We were just contentious for no good reason.  We probably would have argued over whether we were standing on the floor or the ceiling if we had realized we could.  Just silliness…  Thankfully, my fiancée and I don’t do that.  We have something else entirely going on – something between the no-arguments I saw in the first relationship and the contentiousness of the second.

As I’ve said before, we recently postponed our wedding because we weren’t ready.  Informing the vendors of the postponement was all too much for her, though, and I was assigned the responsibility.  Cool.  She gave me a list and I reached out to the vendors to inform them of our decision.  I let her know I had followed the orders and she was as fine as could be expected, given the circumstances.  Then she remembered Scoobie, the makeup artist.  He wasn’t on her initial list, but apparently I was supposed to have turned on my extrasensory perception (ESP) and read her mind.  I honestly forgot about it but, luckily for me, she remembered today in the car.  I told her I hadn’t contacted him yet, but that I would “try to remember” to reach out to him.  Why did I even say that?

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