Did LA Reid Say No Ugly People Allowed At Epic Records?

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Industry insiders have “joked” that L.A. Reid only wants attractive people working in his office at Epic Records. The premiere of The X-Factor will probably make L.A. Reid, who has taken over Epic Records as CEO, a household name. But his arrival also came rife with demands, the main one being a superficial request that they “keep it sexy” at the office.

Via The YBF: A source told the NY Post that L.A. said to a group of label executives, “I don’t want no ugly people working here; I only want good-looking people.” While the execs hoped the meeting would be about the label’s music artists like Usher and Ciara, they found L.A. using the meeting to focus on “appearances.”

“Reid’s thing is keeping it sexy,” another source said. And one industry vet told the Post, “He considers himself an artist, which means he expects to be treated like a VIP. He’s incredibly difficult, and many people are worried about what will happen when he starts on the judging panel for The X Factor. ”

In related news, there’s also chatter that L.A. dropped Lady GaGa from Island Def Jam back in the day, because he didn’t like her music nor did he think she was cute. If that’s true, he’s probably kicking hiimself now. Maybe he won’t be so shallow on The X-Factor. A rep for L.A. Reid declined comment.