Diva Confessions: Beyonce Reveals Snot Bubbles & Beat Up Feet


Yes, even our flawless king Bey has her share of embarrassing moments. The universal sex symbol proved just how down-to-earth she really is by revealing some light insecurities and on-stage mortifications during her ITV special, A Night With Beyonce. Check a few highlighted quotes below.

On the disadvantages of an on-stage runny nose
“My nose runs a lot and when I’m singing I can’t blow it, so there have been occasions when I’ve ended up with a ‘bubble’ coming out my nose”

On the real reason for those Beyonce fans…
Everyone thinks I have the fans (wind machines) because I’m being fashionable, but I work so hard on stage if I didn’t have them I’d be dripping.”

On parts of her body she would change 
If I could change one part it would be my feet. After all the years dancing they’re a little beat up. And I wear big earrings because I don’t like my ears.”

PropsNecole Bitchie 


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