Do Men Really Prefer Women With Long Hair?


I will never forget the day I relayed the news that I was cutting my hair to my ex-boyfriend.

“NO!” he adamantly yelled into the phone.

“What??? But why not, though?” I retorted.

“Because I swear y’all women stay wanting to do some crazy sh*t with your hair. Your hair is just fine the way it is. Leave it alone.”

Yeah, so there went that idea. For then, at least. It was circa 2006, and the then-Mrs. Kelis Rogers-Jones had recently made her comeback via Kelis Was Here with a striking haircut to match. With no pun intended–She. Was. Bossy. And I admired her so much for being audacious enough to go under the blade and chop from her head what was once an abundance of lavish curls (see cover of 2003’s Tasty).

Now, for some women, short hair is something we opt into for the sake of having healthy tresses – albeit starting fresh and growing out chemically treated locks, disguising breakage or both. For others like me – who eventually made the big chop three years after that aforementioned convo regardless of what anybody had to say – it’s simply a form of individual expression. There’s just something entirely liberating about sticking it to the man and going against what society feels is acceptable for a “lady.” Yes, I do realize that it doesn’t work for every woman, but I also believe that, with the expertise of the right stylist, a short style can be tailored to flatter the features of almost anyone. Simply put, short hair is sexy! It’s edgy, defiant, and it’s that one-way ticket into the world of Vixendom; that one simple change that can take you from doll to diva; that one outward modification that can transform you from female to “Fieeeeeeerce, dahwww-ling!” *Shaking index finger wildly*

But as much as I and other women can co-sign with the onset of the short hair movement, it almost seems as if our male counterparts will never wholly feel the same. I hear a lot of that “I can’t get with a female who goes to the same barber as I do” stuff, and, honestly, I really don’t understand why. I mean, it’s just hair. It grows back, doesn’t it? So what is it about the idea of women with short hair that sends men into pre-cardiac arrest? I took it upon myself to ask a handful of members of the opposite sex how they felt about short hair on women, and I was actually quite surprised by some of their answers. Of course, the majority of the gentlemen I polled said they preferred women with long hair, “Or anything below the neck for that matter,” one replied, “It’s awesome for pulling while having sex.”

Some feel shorter locks actually decrease the appeal of a woman. “If my woman cut her hair off, I’d be supportive externally, but pretty bummed on the inside. I wouldn’t let her know, and I’d probably be less attracted to her.” Hm… Well okay. Others said the whole “short hair phenomenon” actually “bugged” them, stating, “My preference on a woman is for the hair to be no shorter than to the neck.” But not all of them had such sentiments. Some of them were actually all for women with short hair. And this, Vixens, is where things got as interesting as they did refreshing. “I love short hair. I will straight up lick a sexy bald girl’s head.” Another proudly affirmed, “I’ll rub that bald fade while we make love in the club.” Shout out to Amber Rose. “It totally depends on the face of the girl,” another responded. And one of my favorites: “Sometimes short hair just goes with their swagger.” But perhaps this particular answer best breaks the notion that all men prefer longer hair on women. This one said: “Short hair is definitely sexy to me if it fits the look of the girl. . .It’s dramatic, bold and sexy on the right woman. Pair it up with the right personality and outfit, and she might be a heartbreaker on a mission. . .At the end of the day sexy is sexy. Plain and simple.”

So there you have it. While, sure, a lot of men do prefer to have a little extra something to grab onto, there are indeed others in this world who are actually keen on the idea of a shorter mane on a female. As for how I feel? I say more power to all the daring divas out there who are rocking short cuts and doing it with pride. Even more power to the men who accept them. After all, bald women need love, too. – Stephanie Long

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