Drake Speaks On ‘Thank Me Later’ Slip Ups + New Approaches To Soph Album


Rolling Stone recently caught up with Drizzy to see just how Toronto’s finest was handling the final laps of his forthcoming sophomore album, Take Care (due Oct. 24) and what he learned from the first go ’round. Peep the excerpts:

On how he would’ve changed his debut album: “In no way am I not proud of it,” he says, “but I think I got caught up in making it seem big and first-album-ish. I was a bit numb, a bit disconnected from myself. I wasn’t able to slow down and realize what was going on around me.”

On taking a new approach in the making of Take Care:
“I hate singles. With this album, I want to tell a whole story. I don’t want people to just hear a piece and judge the album on that. The whole process has been about slowing life down and really pinpointing emotions.”

On being a perfectionist with his writing:
“If your writing is strong enough, those lines dictate what the hook is gonna be about, how you’re gonna go into the second verse. You need the exit moment, you know? ‘And the crowd goes wild…'”