Estelle’s Next Album Features Common, Rick Ross And More

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The English female crooner that showed her infatuation for “American Boys” is finally following up her second album, Shine, with a more organic feel.

Estelle, singer-songwriter and producer will now be showcasing her true love for the culture on her third album All Of Me, which will be marinated in hip-hop, with features from Common, Rick Ross and Janelle Monae, and production by Kanye West, Chicago producer No ID and Jerry Wonda.

In an interview with, Estelle hinted of the raw touch on her next effort, stating that Common took it back to his original moniker Common Sense talent on a track called “Victorious.” But it appears Comm won’t be the only one going back to old ways, as Estelle is said to be dropping some bars on the album as well.

“I started off as a rapper, that’s why I’m so excited about Common,” Estelle said. “I was like don’t give me that Hollywood stuff, I don’t want Common acting, I want coming rapping.”

The album’s first single is “Break My Heart,” featuring Rick Ross. Estelle’s All of Me is slated for release later this year. —Shabazz