EXCLUSIVE: Is Eva Marcille A Hollywood It Girl?


From Carlton Jordan–Hot damn! Two nights in a row ‘Top Model’ superstar Eva Marcille was spotted kicking it with a crew of dime pieces… what gives??

Last night, we got exclusive pics of Eva & Crew exiting hot spot Phillipe Chow!! Who are these women, and why are they partying and dining every night.  Don’t they jave jobs?? LOL.  Well a little birdie gave us some insight into what’s going on with the D-eva

Be ready to be shocked??

Word on the street is that Eva Marcille is filming a new reality show It Girls – – SHOCKING!!! LOL!

Not sure of what the concept of the show is, but it must include walking around Hollywood looking completely carefree without a worry in the world! I don’t even know if a network has picked the show up yet (like Amber Rose’s network-less show!) but it’ll be interesting to see how far this goes!

Other members of the “It” squad include actress Denyce Lawton, Marketing Manager Kelly Marie Dunn, and celeb interior and fashion designer Nikki Chu.  As the details of this reality show are released we’ll keep ya updated, in the meantime enjoy the gallery below and pick which lady’s shoe game is the best!

Check out more pics at Carlton Jordan!

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