Face Your Hair Fears!


We all have things that freak us out, especially when it comes to our hair. There are just some things that we’re not ready or willing to try. For some it may be a haircut and for others it may be going natural, but its time to get rid of these fears and try something new! Here are some of the most common hair fears that it’s time to get over.

Hair Cut: You have always wanted to get that short Rihanna hair cut, but you’re not sure it’s for you. Not to mention, you have been growing your hair long since you were a child, causing you to believe that without your long tresses you will no longer be you. Take a risk! Do something different! If Rihanna’s short do is too much, start off small. Start with a few face framing layers.

Going Natural: Secretly you’re tired of that creamy crack and you want to go au natural. However, you don’t know exactly how to go about taking the natural plunge, so you make up every excuse in the book not to do what’s in your heart. There’s a huge natural hair movement taking place, so if you need the support it’s there! If you want to go natural, do it!

Hair Dye: You’re bored with your dark brown hair, and want to add a light color to brighten up your look for the summer months. However, you’re nervous if you go too light you’ll get the Beyonce comparisons, and if you go too red you’ll get the Rihanna look-a-like comments. Who cares? If you want try a new color, go for it. If you fear possible hair damage, go for a light rinse instead.

Weave: You have pondered the thought of getting a weave for a while now, but you’re worried that everyone will know your hair is fake. There are so many types of good hair out there and even better hair stylists that will have your weave looking very natural. Do a little research and find the style and hair brand that looks best.

Do you have hair fears? If so, its time to conquer them!

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