Fashion Designer Anthony L. Williams Talks Stacey Dash’s Style, ‘Single Ladies’ & Dead Fashion Trends


So you’re watching VH1’s latest drama, Single Ladies, and Stacey Dash fabulously struts across your screen in a breathtaking and amazingly appealing outfit that you’re dying to have. Well, say hello to fashion designer and stylist Anthony L. Williams because he’s the man behind Val’s (Stacey Dash’s character) impeccable style and sophisticated image on the new, and arguably popular show. Entering into our radar since the seventh season of Project Runway, the Atlanta resident has stolen hearts with his sense of humor, blunt honesty and infectious charisma. VIBE Vixen caught up with the funny fashion man to see what it’s like working with Miss Dash every day. He weighed in on his least favorite trends (thank you, Kim K!), his hope for Val in future episodes and why he’s not your average designer.

VIBE Vixen: How did you get the styling gig with Single Ladies?
: I was on season 7 of Project Runway and the producer somehow saw my clothes at Fashion Week. From that point, they liked our aesthetic, and I think they wanted to primarily use an Atlanta-based designer. So, I came on to the pilot just giving Stacy Dash a special dress or one of the ladies something special, but I primarily just focused on Stacy. So, in the pilot, the black dress that she wears to her party with the exaggerated shoulders and plunging v-neck, I actually made that dress and the blue dress when Quinn comes back and they get intimate on her little chaise. That’s what I came in doing for the pilot, just making clothes for those high fashion moments they wanted for her character. So when the show came on, they were like, ‘Anthony we would like to bring you on full-time to dress the character of Stacy Dash.’ We really worked harmoniously together, and I didn’t know what I was getting myself into because to style a woman every day is totally different than styling a woman for a show. There’s an education and a respectability that needs to be brought back to styling because it’s not easy. I thank God for Stacy and another director; they gave me movies to watch because it’s not enough to have the eye. I could have the eye all day long, but I need to respect and maintain the integrity of clothes that are seen on television.

What specifically would be hard about styling every day?
Styling her was every day was easy, it’s just styling for television that’s hard. In television there are certain rules and guidelines that you have to follow. There are certain things that don’t look good on television. There’s not a lot of white. You can’t wear a lot of prints, not a lot of stripes are shown on television and graphic tees. So, you have to read to the script and go through the script with what they write. I, myself as well as my assistant, would go through the script, and we would dissect certain things. For example, if the script says, ‘As Quinn was unzipping the dress on her back,’ not only does she have to wear a dress but the zipper has to be long enough just in case he has to say something. The zipper has to fit the length of the dialogue. Smalls things like that that you wouldn’t think about.