Fashion Designer Anthony L. Williams Talks Stacey Dash’s Style, ‘Single Ladies’ & Dead Fashion Trends


How does Stacy Dash’s style differ from her character, Val?
They’re very different, very different. I think Val takes more risks in her character than Stacy. Val takes more risks because she’s a fashion designer; she’s going to have that melting pot of wardrobe. She’s a founding board of her costumers to figure out what they should wear. Stacy Dash and Val are concerned about the fit of the garment, but I think Stacy Dash is a little more at ease, a little more relaxed. I think Val’s wardrobe has some ease to it, but it’s clear that she puts effort into what she wears.

What would you say is the most “liked” outfit that you put her in on TV?
It hasn’t been shown on television yet, but there’s a pink Jil Sanders top, [and] it is the brightest pink that you’ve seen in your life. It’s a pink stretch mesh, crew neck top. We have it paired with a green silk, form-fitted skirt with a bow in the front; she looked like a little Barbie doll. And we put her in these pretty, blue suede Louboutins because color blocking is really in now. You can tell when she looks good because she has this walk. I enjoyed seeing that look on her!

What celebrities, other than Stacy Dash, would you want to style for?
A celebrity that I always wanted to work with was Jennifer Hudson. I think people keep dressing her persona. But I don’t think, she is necessarily being dressed. I think people are dressing the new Jennifer Hudson that lost the weight and before that she was the girl that just got married and had the baby, before that she was the girl from Dreamgirls, and we’ve seen her look go through many different changes. If I were her stylist, I would go for what she likes. I would identify with her personality and character. I always tell people that you don’t know how good you look until you know how good you could look, and I think she could look a little better. Like that dress at the Oscars. I don’t want to seem like I’m bashing her, but that did not look like a Versace dress.