Fashion Designer Anthony L. Williams Talks Stacey Dash’s Style, ‘Single Ladies’ & Dead Fashion Trends


What are you looking forward to from Val’s character? You already know what’s going to happen this season, but how do you want Val’s character to further develop and evolve?
I want her to find true love, because I guess I am an advocate for love. And I want her to continue to evolve as a designer. I think that, in her character and the drama on the show, she’s saying that she is strong, but we’re still seeing her lean towards men. It would be nice to see her working a little more in her shop. You say that you’re a powerful woman, and you say that you’re a strong woman, let me see you assert your power and your strength. You know, she dresses the part, she looks the part, but I think that a great deal of her character is still focused on the breakup with Quinn, another part is focused on helping her girlfriends, but I think we can see her strength [in her work]. Like, you own this boutique, so what’s next? Let me see a line of your dresses come out. Let me see all of these different things that will show your strength. I think we attract whatever we are in our life. The reason why Val is attracting confusion is because she’s in a very confused state. Is she completely out of love with Quinn? No, it’s still very fresh, so right now you’re in that vulnerable state where you just take whatever. But once she becomes strong and the esteem of herself is raised to the level it needs to be, I think she’ll attract the man who can appreciate that accordingly.

I agree. And while you’re talking about what’s next for her, that brings me to you. What’s next for you and any projects that you may be working on?
I’m always asked that question ‘cause in Atlanta, this is the home of making clothes and show it at the local venue and have a fashion show, and I don’t do that. I thank God that I have a great team around me. I’m more concerned about the business of what I do. To be honest, I’m not working on a clothing line to come out, and I am not interested in doing a fashion show or anything like that. I like working, and I’m glad that I work. I think it comes down to me being a man of quantity or quality, and I am most definitely a man of quality. I don’t know what’s next for me. I did make some things for [Stacey Dash] on the show, but I don’t want to lose my hand at my craft because I truly am a designer and I enjoy what I do. But I would love to have my own show helping people with fashion or just a reality show about my life. I think that there are enough shows on television celebrating broken marriages, buffoonery and bullies that are just dressed up glamorously, but they need a real reality show. I hope Lifetime reads this, since I’m already on their team [laughs]! But that’s what I want to do. I want to raise the level of education and awareness about being a stylist, about being a fashion designer.

And now let’s talk all about trends! What are you loving and loathing right now?
One thing I would have to say is that a lot of people are the exaggerated jackets. They’re very short in the back but are kinda cut in the front and they have all these layers to them. I really like that because it gives a person the opportunity to cover up their midsection, but if it’s shorter in the back then you can kind of show your body, you know, if you got a little booty or a little thigh [laughs]. I like the berry colors. I think any time we’re transitioning [between seasons], it’s berry colors. I really like fuchsia and purple and blueberry [colors], because those colors typically look good on most women. We’re also coming out of a short phase. For the longest, everything has been really, really, really, really short lately, and I’m glad that we’re going into a phase where things may be getting a little more fitted but we’re getting some length.

Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed.
Yes, I like the longer skirt, and more importantly, I’m enjoying pants right now. I’m really enjoying the palazzo pants that are making a comeback. Not everyone can wear them, and you cannot wear a cheap palazzo pant. It’s just not going to read well, but if you partner that with a nice fitted top, it really can be appreciated. And one thing I’m really over: belting everything. Thank you, Kim Kardashian for once again adding the exposure of that trend [laughs], but you know what? Let’s just wrap that up! At some point, people just find a place on their body above their waste to put the belt. It can be up under their arms, under their nipples. You have to find a happy medium! The rule is to find the smallest part of your waist and put the belt there. [laughs].

[Laughs] So you think we should just be done?
This is how I feel [laughs]: If every time you feel incomplete unless you have the belt around your waist, you have become co-dependent upon the belt and it is no longer your friend, it is your enemy and you need to acknowledge it accordingly. I like tiny belts, but if you got this big, leather belt wrapped around your waist and you’re looking like you possibly just won a wrestling match, that’s a problem for Anthony [laughs]! All trends are not your friends!

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