Fashion Knockoffs


There is no secret that companies are creating inspired clothing and shoes to compete with the designs of high-end fashion designers. If Louboutin comes out with a highly talked about shoe, there is no stopping a brand like Dollhouse from creating a replica. Brands like Dollhouse understand that a majority of shoppers cannot afford such high-priced fashion items. They also know that shoppers are searching for a Louboutin look without the Louboutin price tag. Good idea huh?

But is it right?
A while ago there was a lot of buzz on the Internet in regards to Urban Outfitters, a large clothing retail store, stealing the designs of a smaller independent jewelry designer. The response to these claims was that of pure outrage. How could such a large brand like Urban Outfitters steal from a small independent artist?

Is there a double standard that exists when it comes to knock-offs and replica items? If a high-end designer discovers knockoffs of their designs should they just deal with it because they have status and have achieved success in the industry? Is it not a big deal?

What are your thoughts of knockoffs in the fashion industry? Do you rock them or do you leave them alone?

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