Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros Calls California’s FAIR Education Act ‘Brainwashing’


California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed the FAIR Education Act, a bill which will require the California Board of Education to include gay history in state textbooks starting in 2013. And while there are many in support of the passing, there are also many in opposition, including Fox News’ own Andrea Tantaros.

On the July 15th edition of The Five, the Fox News representative let her voice be known and went as far as referring to the bill as being “brainwashing” during a discussion with Bob Beckel and Eric Bolling.

It all began when Beckel spoke in concurrence of the governor’s decision. “The fact is that gays have been oppressed for years and years in this country, and there’s no reason why they can’t have a history lesson on the Stonewall demonstrations downtown here,” he said. Bolling had another idea. “This is California rewriting the textbooks, the history books, saying, ‘By the way, George Washington was a homosexual,’ or, you know, so-and-so was a lesbian. That’s what they want to do. Beckel then inquired, “The fact of the matter is there has been a long history of oppression against gays and they have contributed enormously to the history of this country and what’s wrong with teaching it?”

But Andrea Tantaros had other sentiments, jumping back to Bolling’s point and stating, “And they’re starting even younger now. They’re starting even younger now to control your kids, brainwash them.”

Watch the discussion unravel and hear it for yourself below. —Stephanie Long



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