Go Ahead And Make The First Move Ms. Independent! Ask Him Out


From Hello Beautiful–It’s 2011!!! Women are making more money, are more independent and some believe that they don’t need a man as much as their mother or grandmother did. When a woman decides that she doesn’t need a man she is setting higher expectations for the next man crazy enough to approach her. A number of women know exactly what they want out of a man these days. That’s fine I suppose but there is one problem. MS. BIG & BAD 2011 INDEPENDENT WOMAN is afraid to ask a man out on a date! In your professional life, you are telling men what to do all day! In your personal life, you pick and chose which values to keep traditional.

The purpose of this article is not to change the tradition of the man pursuing the woman. If you have read anything that I have written, you know by now that my principle is that “All marriages and relationships are either successful or they fail based solely on the leadership of men.” Men are the problems in relationships, not women. The purpose of this article is to inform women of exactly what their role is in the dating game.

Women your role, your purpose, your goal, what you should be trying to do is show the man that you are interested and available. That’s it.

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