He Got A Donk


Women are often glorified for carrying around a nice package in the back. Somehow we often notice a woman’s butt. No matter if she’s walking around with an Erykah “Window Seat” Badu or Kim Kardashian donk- all donks are not created equal. But a woman’s big butt being celebrated is nothing new.

Somehow the idea of this body part attraction translates over to men but in a more frontal approach. See, men are often glorified at first glance and respected by what lies between their legs. Yes, that part.

Lately, while I’ve been out with my girl friends I’ve heard them say things like, “Oh he has a nice a butt,” whenever a guy walked by. As a man being able to identify and taking pride in noticing what a nice butt looks like, I quickly started to wonder where did this characteristic come from in my female counterparts. I never knew women paid attention to a male’s butt.

Maybe men have always secretly paid attention to their own rear end. Hence the many exercises like squats done in the gym or perhaps the many types of underwear offered for men outside of the conventional cotton boxers. I’ve never really put that much thought into women checking me out — at least not back there.

So Vixens sound off — do you like dating guys with a nice butt? How important is the man’s butt to you?

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