He Say, She Say: When Friends Get in the Way


Nothing can be worse, ladies, then opening your mouth up to your best girlfriend about “your man,” only for it to come biting you back in the butt. And nothing is more unwise than opening your ears to some “he say, she say,” gossip, advice or opinion, especially when your man’s best friend…is well…your girlfriend’s man—putting you in the category group that I call “best friend couples.”

If, for example, Angelica begins to tell you that Rodney (her boyfriend) heard xyz from Ben (your boyfriend), or begins rambling off suggestions about what you should do, based off what she heard….SHUT IT DOWN!

For in their willingness for either she or he to help you both rectify an issue in your relationship, or talk about their own, it could get messy, even forming strife in your overall great relationship.

Now, I’m not suggesting to keep your sister/girlfriend totally hanging, but there are a few key things you can do to help create DRAMA Control between you and the entire crew, keeping all relationships strong and in there lane!

VENT NOT! We all know it’s common in relationships of any kind to tend to share our issues or concerns with our significant others—-and usually our best friends too! In a case of this sort, choose not to speak negatively about your relationship. And if it’s necessary for you to distress, vent outside of the immediate “best friend” circle!

CREATE BOUNDARIES Recognize when being close is “too close.” Double-dating with your best friend couple is fine, but don’t make it a routine. Try expanding your social circle and sometimes keep date nights to just you and your beau.

FACE FORWARD Don’t turn your back…on your girlfriend that is. Make sure to find the same time you had to spend with her one-on-one, before prince-charming came along, so she won’t feel abandoned. Keep topics on things you two like to discuss that don’t always include your “man” —or hers!

And that right there Vixens are my two cents for “best friend” couples!

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