How to Create the Perfect Ponytail


We’re smack dab in the middle of some of the hottest months of the year and it’s no secret we are all looking for ways to beat the heat. As routine as hair is, heavy, down-to-there tresses can quickly become another burden in the summer. Not to mention the humidity makes it difficult to keep your locks soft and manageable.

Usually pulling you hair into a ponytail is a last resort on “bad hair days”, but you can keep things chic by creating a sleek, polished ponytail – cool enough for the day but trendy enough to transition into an evening of fun.

Use these tips to create the coveted sleek, polished pony this summer:

1. Prep the hair by applying styling cream on the crown and hairline.

2. Next, using a large round brush, blow-dry until straight.

3. With a fine-tooth comb, create a center part in the front or add a side sweep bang for a sophisticated look.

4. Pull hair back into a tight pony at the nape, covered with an elastic band. Want to add drama? Gather hair into a high ponytail.

5. For protection against harsh weather, add a bit of finishing crème to the ends.

6. Lightly spritz hair spray to hold the style in place.

Tell us, what is your favorite way to rock the simplistic yet charming do’?

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