I Can’t Be -“Weave” It! The Evolution of Hair Weaves


Versatility and Convenience (Janet Jackson)
“I wore a weave when I went on vacation. Who wants to comb their hair when they’re on vacation?” says Theryl, 29-year-old engineer in Atlanta. Besides kicking the daily hassle of tackling your hair, weaves provide options. After recently showing off her sleek, short natural hair, Janet Jackson hopped back on the weave bandwagon to create a new look. “Back then most had the mindset that people wore weaves because they didn’t have hair or didn’t like their own hair. I initially started wearing them for convenience,” says Almashea, a pharmaceutical representative in Maryland. “It was easy to wet and go or just toss it up and go. Then it just became fun to me to switch up my look without making permanent changes to my hair.”

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