iPads Responsible For 1% Of The World’s Internet Traffic


Ever since the introduction of tablets and smartphones, computers have been on the road to becoming endangered by Apple’s iPad. The contraption is currently responsible for 1% of the world’s web traffic. In the U.S., the iPad accounts for 2% of web traffic with these numbers are increasing by the day.

For May 2011 alone, the iPad was responsible for 97% of all tablet traffic and it also accounted for almost 22% of non-computer web traffic the same month. Since March 2011, the increase in web traffic for the iPad has been about 10% each month.

And this is only that start of the iPad’s growth. This coming fall, iOS5 will be released, which will introduce tabbed browsing to the iPad. The addition of iOS5 will add to the user experience and this is expected to boost sales.—Jackie Sather