Ja Rule Gets Slammed With Additional 28 Months Behind Bars


And the hole just gets deeper and deeper for Ja Rule.

After being sentenced to two years in prison on weapon possession charges, the rapper has been hit with yet another sentence of 28 months behind bars on tax shirking charges. The good news? He’s being granted permission to serve the additional months in concurrence with his current term. The bad news? While Ja only had to comply to three of five of his previous tax counts under a plea deal (he didn’t file returns from 2004-2008), he still has to pay 1.1 million green ones in past due taxes.

A choked up Ja Rule stated in court: “I was a young man who made a lot of money. I didn’t have the best people guiding me. I made mistakes. Things fell on hard times for me. Things kind of spun out of control.” —Stephanie Long

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