Jeffrey Dahmer Escapee Arrested Over Fight Death


A man who escaped Jeffrey Dahmer and helped end the serial killer’s murder and sexual assault spree two decades ago faced a possible homicide charge of his own on Thursday in Wisconsin.

Reuters: Tracy Edwards, 52 and homeless, was arrested on Tuesday after a fight that led to a man falling into the Milwaukee River and dying. The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office said it was reviewing the evidence with a view to a possible homicide charge.

According to Milwaukee police, Edwards and two other homeless men were involved in an argument when one of the men fell into the Milwaukee River from a bridge. The other homeless man leaped off the bridge to save him, police said.

A police spokesperson declined to share more information, but said the case had been referred to the district attorney’s office. An official with the district attorney’s homicide unit said a review of this case may take several days to complete.

Twenty years ago this month, Milwaukee police found Edwards, half naked and partially handcuffed, in the street near Dahmer’s apartment. Edwards told police he had just escaped Dahmer’s apartment and led them back there.

Police arrested Dahmer that evening after finding body parts in his refrigerator and human remains throughout his apartment.