Jennifer Willams Shares The Scoop On Lucid Cosmetics, Talks “Basketball Wives”


Jennifer Williams is a Vixen. Totally.

She’s got a screaming hot physique and a girl’s girl personality that instantly sparks giggles and gossip. Flip it however you want, but the vulnerability she displayed on the first and second seasons of VH1’s Basketball Wives makes her super relatable. What female hasn’t had her heartbroken and pandered the thought of wanting that old thing back? With a new lot on life, a faint sting of heartbreak and a new baby Lucid Cosmetics to throw her focus into, the Miami resident trudges forward… beyond the past.

And VIBE Vixen jumped on the line with NJ-born glamour girl to talk all about just that–“the now.” Most specifically, we got her chatting about her luscious new beauty products and that BBW episode where her bestie Evelyn Lozada sends of fiery words about Jen’s comments on Chad Ochocinco. (We’re anxious to watch too!) And what about the guy bloggers spotted her with a few months back? Yep! We talked about it all with the simply beautiful girl, just keep reading!

How did the partnership come about?
It’s not an offical partnership, it’s just that they have a cosmetics line and I wanted to do a lipgloss. They had all the connections, and I’m was like, ‘Listen, this is what I want to do; this is how I want it to look. Can you make it happen?’ So, they have been the middleman because I’m new to this whole game. I had no idea how what it took to pull it off. Basically, Michael Todd Cosmetics was in the area; they’re in Fort Lauderdale, and they have a whole factory there. I met with them, and they vibed with what I wanted. The thing is, I design everything myself; the packaging, the containers, the colors, I pick everything. It’s definitely been an uphill battle, but like I always says, nothing good is easy. But pretty much, they got me; they just kinda let me do my own thing. They worked back and forth with the manufacturing company, I told them what I wanted and that’s pretty much how the marriage works. We’ve had some challenged for sure, but so far so good. I can’t complain.

Dope. Tell me about the names of the lipglosses. The names are unique, but why those particular places?
I went with names of cities and things that I like. Like “The Hills” is short for Bevelry Hill, a “SoBe” is South Beach and “Napa” is short for Napa Valley. I’m always drinking red wine, so it’s a deep, bordeaux color. Then we have “St. Tropez” because that’s one of my favorite cities; the “Big Apple,” of course, is for New York. And I just thought it was unique to do cities. Names of lipglosses is always something real, and they usually have names that are flirty and vixen, but I wanted to do something different.