Jennifer Willams Shares The Scoop On Lucid Cosmetics, Talks “Basketball Wives”


I really like that concept. Can you name your favorite place to visit in the world?
You know what, St. Tropez is one of my favorite places. I actually honeymooned in Dubai in the Maldives, and the Maldives was absolutely breathtaking. It definitely holds a special place in my heart, but for someone who’s getting divorce, I’m like, ‘Ehh.’ [Laughs] But that definitely might be on that list.

[Laughs] The Maldives seems like a good choice. Now, which lipgloss from your line is your favorite and why?
The Hills just because I wear it pretty much every day. It’s soft pink, and you can just put that on with anything. It can be for daytime; you can do a major eye and then wear it at night as well. But I do wear all of them, it just depends on what mood I’m in and what I’m wearing.

What are some celebrity-made beauty products that you love?
I really like Beyoncé’s True Star in that blue bottle; the smell is so plush! I also like J. Lo’s fragrances. And Paris Hilton!

To talk more about Basketball Wives, are you anxious for this upcoming episode? From the trailer it’s clear that you and Evelyn get into it a bit.
Um, I’m anxious to see the editing because you never know how it’ll turn out. We watch it when you guys watch it. I’m actually going to Italy with some friends, so I’ll be checking my Twitter [when it airs].

Cool, cool. Lastly, what’s your definition of a VIBE Vixen?
Excuse my language [laughs], a bad bitch who’s well-rounded!

BONUS: Three Fun Beauty Facts About Jennifer

-She loves, loves, loves La Mer beauty products, but has no problem picking up affordable products from a local store!
-She absolutely has to have her lipgloss, bronzer and mascara!
-She uses vaseline to take her eye makeup. It’s a beauty secret she saw on The Tyra Banks Show!


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