This Is Just Bananas! Two Men Arrested For Pretending To Be Arrested


We wish we could make this stuff up but nope. Two druken Pennsylvania men thought it was a good idea to climb inside the State Constable’s van to take some pictures early Saturday but when they tried to get out, they found themselves locked inside.

Via Funk Master Flex:

Both police and Constable Mike Connor said Monday. Olson, 22, and Letchford, 21, are currently free on 10 percent of $20,000 bail after their about hourlong stint inside of a state-owned van that is used to transport prisoners. Connor said he was asleep when he was awakened about 5 a.m. by police, saying that the two men were locked inside his van, which was parked on East Lancaster Avenue in the township’s Rosemont section. According to police, the duo, dubbed “dumb and dumber,” had been at a party before deciding to enter the van, which locks from the outside to eliminate the possibility of prisoners escaping. According to Connor, the center divider in the van was damaged during the pair’s attempt to escape. A cigarette butt and a “large amount of saliva” was discovered inside of the van afterward, police said.