Kelly Rowland’s Mom Doesn’t Approve of Her “Motivation”


International pop-star Kelly Rowland is getting flack from a close confidant over her video for her chart-topping hit “Motivation.” The 30-year-old singer recently held a private screening of “Motivation” for friends and family and the loudest critic in the room was her mother.

After viewing the 4-minute video that includes Rowland in sexually provocative situations with oiled-up, scantly-clad male dancers, her mother was turned off. The video shows Rowland in a new light that may take some time to get used to especially for those who have become accustomed to her previous wholesome videos with Nelly and her bandmates Beyonce and Michelle.

Rowland’s mother exclaimed, “Lord have mercy! I have to keep remembering that you’re 30 years ol,d because whatever was happening on that set, was way too much.”

Even though her mother may have had an issue with the overt sexual tones, Rowland added that she was not ashamed of the video, explaining: “There’s nothing wrong with being a Vixen . . . I’m just celebrating being a woman, and my sexuality.”