Kreayshawn’s “Sister” V-Nasty Responds To Comments About Using The N-Word [VIDEO]


Kreayshawn has defended her sister-friend V-Nasty and her use of the word “nigga” on several interviews, while V-Nasty has stayed mum on the issue… well, until now.

Bossip scooped up a vid on which Vanessa (yes, that’s her real name) of the White Girl Mob addresses the issue, and it’s pretty clear that she isn’t going to bite her tongue on using the word. Her excuses? She grew up in the hood, she’s not offending anybody and people stay hating on her ’cause she’s hot.

Vixen’s response? This is all crap! Kreayshawn is the one that’s hot. The viral vid princess has coped a MTV VMA nod, locked in studio time with Snoop Dogg and has built an insane hipster-driven fanbase. V-Nasty is looking like just a sidekick from our eye-view.

Check out what she had to say about her language:

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