Lil Wayne Bans Alcohol From His ‘I Am Still Music’ Tour


Lil Wayne pledges to remain sober for the remainder of his three-year probation that resulted from a drug possession charge in Arizona.

Already, Mr. Carter is taking the necessary steps to ensure he won’t have to return to jail to serve the remainder of his sentence. And not violating the terms of his probation is Weezy’s main goal. TMZ reports that according to a source on the  I Am Still Music Tour, Wayne is serious about his sobriety, he not only banned alcohol from the back stage area; even his tour bus is 100% dry.  

The rep continues to express the value of the concerts having “a dry backstage as we are committed to keeping a safe and professional atmosphere to ensure a smoothly running tour.”  But, the audience can feel free to indulge in over-priced beverages, while enjoying the concert as “there is no ban on alcohol served at the venues.

In the past few months, Lil Wayne has come to terms with his no longer necessity to rely on drugs and alcohol to stimulate his mind. Although his newfound sobriety has caused immense difficulty when it comes to music-making, he strongly believes he sees the world in a new light and can now enjoy his life sober. 

Good Luck, let’s hope Wayne can make it to 2013 without using drugs, alcohol or knowingly, associating with any person engaged in criminal activities..  #SetUpToFail

-Noelle Lattimore

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