Look Out! Kangaroo Attacks Elderly Woman and Gets Pepper Sprayed


An Australian kangaroo crossed the line on Sunday (July 24th) when he pummeled a 94-year old woman in her own backyard. Phyllis Johnson, of Charleville, in the outback, said the kangaroo attacked her while she was hanging up clothes.

 Police were called to the scene after Phyllis was able to regain her composure, managing to hit the roo with a broom a couple of times, so she could escape. Senior-Sgt. Stephan Perkins, of the Charleville Police Department, was the first to arrive on the scene and explained the animal proceeded to dodge at him but managed to pepper spray him to diverge him. The roo then charged towards his squad car where his partner pepper sprayed him a second time.

“The animal jumped away, then saw another officer at the back of the police car and went for that officer, and he also had to deploy his capsicum spray – so the roo had to get sprayed twice,” Sergeant Perkins told The Associated Press. “After that, it hopped away from the scene, but police could still monitor its location – it didn’t go too far.”

Phyllis Johnson was transported to a nearby hospital where she was treated for minor injuries. “I thought it was going to kill me,” she told The Courier Mail from her hospital bed. “It was taller than me, and it just plowed through the clothes on the washing line straight for me.”

Wildlife authorities eventually captured the kangaroo which was later classified as a male red kangaroo, the world’s largest marsupial. These marsupials are known to be able to stand as tall as a human male and weigh 200 pounds. Ouch! –Tyler McDermott

Props: Huffington Post