Marvin’s Room Call


“Are you drunk right now?”

With the recent release of Drake’s Marvin’s Room comes the depiction of a common situation; the Canadian rapper drunkenly expresses his feeling towards an ex and her newfound relationship.  Clearly upset about the new guy in her life, Drake vulgarly (yet with a tad of tenderness) insinuates–with the ever so popular chorus of the song–that she has not gotten over him.  Singers Jojo and Teyana Taylor provided fans with a female perspective of the situation with their own covers of the alleged “single” from Drake’s upcoming LP.  So what is it about this song that has people quoting it so much it’s become a top trending topic?  It’s probably the fact that nearly everyone has experienced a heartache, putting him or her in the position to make that “Marvin’s Room” call––a call that, after a bit of liquid courage, has anyone ready to say the most reckless things possible to make themselves feel better about their current situation.  The real question is as follows: How does this impact the relationship between the caller and their ex?

“I’m just saying you could do better”

How would you feel hearing these words from your drunk ex right after you decided to move on?  While getting this call may make you feel like “The Woman” (or The Man) because it’s now evident your ex is still thinking about you, it disrupts the feelings you have put aside when trying to move on.  Of course the good memories you had together will surface, but the bad and ugly memories are not far behind, reminding you why you all are exes to begin with.  This call is clearly a cry for attention; however, is it always for the right reasons?  In Drake’s verses, he explains how he has surrounded himself with girls and booze, yet feels ashamed.  Could your ex possibly be regretting his actions and want a second chance with you, or could he just be “lucky that you stayed on and needed someone to put that weight on.”  Either way, its probably best to put the phone down if you’re listening to how many times they’ve had sex this week.  There is no explanation for that.

“You’re not going to come? Guess I’ll just kick it here then…”

There is also a strong possibility that your ex is calling for something other than drunken rants about “b*tches in his old phone.”  If they’ve had sex four times this week, they might be looking for a fifth tryst to complete the work week. Loneliness, complete with a few shots of alcohol, could stir up old memories in both heads.  Things will be a lot less complicated if you stay put and indulge your ex over the phone instead of in person.  You could both end up in Marvin’s Room with “Let’s Get it On” playing in the background.

What happens when the shoe is on the other foot? Have you ever initiated the “Marvin’s Rooms” call?  If so how did your ex respond?  If you ever find yourself having too many cups of that Rosé, it is highly suggested that you hide your phone to prevent the drama that comes with the “Marvin’s Room” call.