Men In Fashion: Isaac Acevedo Of UMF Explains Clothing Line, Expands To “Miss Fits”


In your face, provocative, forwarding fashion–That’s Universal Mind Fuck in a nutshell. Hailing from New York City, the 22-year-old Creative Director Isaac Acevedo started the brand while studying in Buffalo, NY. No stranger to the underground fashion scene, Isaac knew he wanted his brand to send a message and awaken the masses citing various inspirations.

“I was inspired by everything around me, everything that was going on with the world. I started off with thinking about the universe and things that are around you. I took inspiration from Common’s Universal Mind Control; it’s a strong thing that too many people realize because they’re brainwashed sublimely. And there’s a phrase called “mind fuck,” when someone instills certain things in your mind to purposely confuse you. That’s what the media and world at-large does to people; it’s a Universal Mind Fuck”
UMF creates more than just t-shirts, launching their women’s line Universal Miss Fits and contemporary line Laservinu Dnim Kcuf (Universal Mind Fuck spelled backwards). The latter will serve as the upscale line of the UMF conglomerate. When it comes to Vixens and style, the chief at UMF likes the casual look. “Heels are appreciated but not necessary.  I can appreciate a girl who can wear a nice pair of sneakers and not feel trashy. Shorts and a nice top, Universal Miss Fits shirt, just a regular girl”
Although Isaac loves the ladies, he had a taste of star power when Stevie Johnson, wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, saw the brand at the famous Krudmart Boutique while shopping for new threads. The player was instantly interested, and during his promo on ESPN, he rocked the Universal Mind Fuck baseball shirt. “I didn’t ask or gesture to him; he just came out of the kindness of his heart to give me this opportunity. I couldn’t be happier or more thankful to the guy,” says Acevedo. The random encounter fueled the brand to the next level and talks of partnering again with the football star.

Next on the agenda for UMF? An expansion to 10 to 20 new retail locations with 15 to 20 new pieces added to catalog that includes Canada, New York City and Southern states.

Coming from having one t-shirt to now a whole collection Isaac says, “Work hard [and] don’t stop no matter what anyone else says. But also know exactly what you want. You need to see the concrete vision. On the road to success there are going to be people that are going to stop you, deter you but you have to keep going and never stop”

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