Michelle Obama Becomes The First FLOTUS To Cover “Better Homes And Gardens”


First Lady Michelle Obama isn’t new to posing for magazine covers. She’s graced the cover of mags including Vogue and Ebony, and next month she will be featured on Better Homes and Gardens.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “big whoop,” but Better Homes and Gardens hasn’t placed a public figure on the cover of their magazine since 1963 when they wrote an article on actor Cliff Robertson titled “He Cooks.” What makes this cover even more special is the fact that Mrs. Obama is the only first lady ever placed on the cover of the magazine (former First Lady Mamie Eisenhower was featured inside before, but if you didn’t follow her or the magazine, you probably wouldn’t have had any idea). And to top it all off, Better Homes and Gardens is the largest women’s magazine in the nation!

On the August issue of the magazine, the First Lady is smiling, sitting at a picnic table full of veggies on the White House lawn. Better Homes and Gardens brought students from Harriet Tubman Elementary in Washington, D.C. to the White House for lunch with Mrs. Obama that day.  The article features pictures and tips for helping children learn to love vegetables.