Mother of Damon Dash’s Son Accuses Him of Being A Deadbeat Dad


Damon Dash, former CEO of Roc-A-Fella Records, is back in the rumor mill, but this time, he’s not bumping his gums over his strained relationship with Jay-Z.  Linda Williams, the mother of his 19-year-old namesake, is accusing the entrepreneur of not helping their child achieve his dream of graduating college.

Williams is talking to the media in hopes of pressuring Dash to abide by his court-ordered child support payment of $425 per/month.  She claims that Dash is deliberately obstructing their son from attending college because it will mean Dash has to still pay child support.

In a statement to RadarOnline, Williams had the following to say:

“I just want Damon Dash to do the right thing by his son and pay his support and help me get him in college. My son got into Five Towns College in Dix Hills, NY, on a $30,000 scholarship recently to do music, but his father did not want him to go even although it would not have cost him anything.

“He keeps telling him ‘tell your mom to drop the child support case and get out of court’ when my son just wants to be a normal teenager and go to college. His father recently set him up with some DJ gigs in New York, and I’m worried that he falls in with a bad crowd and gets involved with drugs and alcohol. My son loves music and ideally he could do both. He does not hate his father or anything like that, but he wants more guidance from him. His father has the money he just needs to do the right thing by his son.”

Source: The YBF

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