Nino Corleone Wants Justin Beiber, Nicki Minaj And Beyoncé In His Clothes, Inspired By FUBU [Pg. 2]

LA Reid's son Aaron was an early adopter of FLI PELICAN. How do you know him?
Prior to all of the clothing, it was a personal relationship. Like Aaron, that’s my dude. He did a lot to help us out and we helped him out a lot as well. He was the one of first celebs who we shot in the clothing. He was real receptive to it; it wasn’t like Hollywood or nothing like that. He actually invited us to come out and do his birthday party at the Loft in Atlanta. I came out I did that, and I got to meet LA Reid and his wife Pebbles. That was cool, I got to give them shirts, so it’s a little bit more genuine than giving a product out and then hope that they wear it.

That’s dope. I loved that “Air Yeezy” tee Aaron had on.
That one has a funny story behind it. When I did that Amber Rose tee, I did it for the Yeezy’s but I did it for a reason, it means the epitome of pop culture. What it meant it is so many people who were caught up on this girl just because she was dating Kanye at the time. Not to take anything from her, but don’t get caught up in it too much, that is something personal that they share so let them have that. If you look in the back, it the louie pelicano.

Name the top three people you’ve been dying to work with.
Justin Beiber, I need that love. Nicki Minaj, I need that, and Beyoncé is going to be next.

My final question: Who are your fashion inspirations? Who are your direct influences?
It’s a culmination of a lot of stuff. Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Daymond John of FUBU.

Wow, I like that. I haven’t heard anyone speak on FUBU in a long time.
I’m actually reading his story right now, and the story is so similar. I got a chance to meet Daymond two years ago at Magic Trade show, so that was cool.

FLI | YOUNG from Nino Fli Pelican on Vimeo.

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Chloe and Halle Bailey, ages 20 and 18 respectively, gained the attention of Beyonce in 2013, after covering her song "Pretty Hurts" from her self-titled album. Since then, the two were signed to Bey's Parkwood label, and haven't stopped since. They can be found on the Freeform show grown-ish, which is now in its second season.

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“I do think he needs help,” she told TMZ's cameraman at the Trumpet Awards in Atlanta on Saturday (Jan. 19). “I love him. I grew up with him. He’s kinda like family. We had the same music teacher. We were around the same circles as kids. I’ve never seen him do anything bad, but I don’t believe all these people are lying.

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GoFundMe Raises Nearly $138,000 For Unpaid Fyre Festival Caterers

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The release of Netflix's FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened introduced Maryann Rolle, a caterer who worked for Billy McFarland to feed those planning the festival. Rolle stated in the documentary how she was forced to dip into her savings which totaled $50,000, to pay staff after never receiving compensation from the festival's creators.

It's a stark reminder of how influencers like Kendal Jenner were paid ($250,000) in comparison to those who didn't get paid at all.

"I had ten persons working directly with me, just preparing food all day and all night, 24 hours," Rolle said. "I had to literally pay all those people. I am here as a Bahamian and they stand in my face every day."

Both a co-owner and caterer of the Exuma Point Resort with her husband, the Rolles plead for help in the GoFundMe's bio, expressing that she had worked to create "no less than 1000 meals per day" back in April 2017 and has since never received a dime.

"As I make this plea it's hard to believe and embarrassing to admit that I was not paid...I was left in a big hole! My life was changed forever, and my credit was ruined by Fyre Fest," Rolle and her husband, Elvis, wrote. "My only resource today is to appeal for help," the couple wrote.

With the foundation's original goal set at $123,000, the campaign has made nearly $138,000 in seven days with the help of 4,286 donations.

The Fyre Festival was originally meant to be a VIP destination music event housing acts like G.O.O.D Music and Major Lazer, but the fiesta turned out to be a fiasco with unfurnished tents and an estimated $27.4 million scam against investors.

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