Office Poll: What Are VIBE’s Favorite Tracks on Beyoncé’s ‘4’ Album?


King B released her fourth solo album 4, so we took to the polls! The VIBE staff weighed in on their favorite tracks from the highly anticipated LP. And it’s quite the album, all equipped with the body-rocking tracks and strong ballads. Deciphering the new genre she created may be hard, but you’ll be in midst of an emotional windstorm with this album’s main ingredient–love.

See what we had to say of the record, then let us know your fave!

→”Party” – Cause it’s dripping swagu!

→”End Of Time” – It makes me feel like I’m in Africa or on a safari!

→”Party” - Cuz we like to partaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! #crescendo!

→“Countdown” – It’s crazy in love 8 years later. If hov hops on the remix like a smart hubby it’ll be the closest thing we have to a wedding pic.

→”Love On Top” –  It has a soulful R&B Vibe that reminds me of the 90s. It’s also nice cookout or summer time drop top song.

→”Love On Top” – Yeah, ditto!

→”Countdown” – She’s so in love! And the music? Perfect dance-like-no-one-is-around song!

“Rather Die Young” – Love her vocals on that joint. “I rather not liiivve!!! Oooohhh!”


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