Eureka! How To Make A Girl Feel Good


How to Make a Girl Feel GoodBeing a Vixen is about knowing yourself, and that very much includes knowing your body!

Need a quickie during your morning shower? Ready to de-stress after a hard day at work? Been away from your lover for too long? Grab your purse or unlock that private drawer, it’s time to get one of those toys.

As you probably know, not every orgasm requires another human; women have owned sex toys for decades. Call it masturbation or “self-love,” it’s essential that you explore your body and learn to pleasure yourself. Get yours without him or her!

Below is a list of the most popular sex toys for your viewing pleasure:

The Rabbit
If you’re a Sex and The City junkie, you’ve already heard about the wonders of the Rabbit. In its most simplistic form, the bunny ears vibrate on your clit as the dildo piece rotates to hit your g-spot. It’s like an orgasm magnet! Sometimes, the Rabbit comes with rotating beads sealed in the center that will work the opening of your vagina. Or if you’re into anal play, you can order one with an anal extension. Whatever your desire, the Rabbit is a perfect device for intense orgasmic bliss.

The Dildo
Vibrators aside, there are simpler measures for getting a self-induced orgasm. Your standard dildo should hit your g-spot and inspire an orgasm without vibration. Made to look and function like a penis, you simply glide it in and out your vagina until you reach a climax. If you need a little extra motivation, try using your other hand to massage your clit. While the standard dildo is nothing fancy, a little hand power gets the job done.

The Lipstick Vibrator
There are sex toys for everyone, in every setting. The Lipstick Vibrator is for the discreet lady who might want to steal an orgasm in a public. Disguised as a fake tube of lipstick, the Lipstick Vibrator is made to massage your clit and give you a quick quiver. Whether using it under your desk or leaving it visible in your purse, no one will know what you’re up to (unless they’re getting theirs too!).

Wand Massager
Like the camouflage option? The Wand Massager looks like a back massager with a long handle and standard round tip. It vibrates, soothing your pelvic muscles and vaginal walls. However, there are Wand Massagers that take it to the next level with clitoral extensions and ridges on the tip. Consider the easiest way that your body reaches an orgasm and choose the Wand Massager that’s best for you!

Couples Vibrator
While self-pleasure is fun, sex toys don’t have to be an individual sport. Your partner can use all of the above toys on you (or you on them). But even better, there are couples sex toys that are made for you and your honey. While there are strap-on and double-sided dildos (some with vibration capabilities, some not), the We Vibe has become a vibrating bestseller for heterosexual couples. Shaped like a small horseshoe, one side rests on the clit while the other slides into the vagina, leaving plenty of room for penetration. As your man slides in and out, he’ll feel the vibrations, doubling the pleasure for him and you!

While it may be intimidating to walk into an adult store, there are plenty of websites that sell the above sex toys, providing informational guides, non-pornographic video examples, and detailed diagrams. Check out or for more examples. Don’t be afraid to explore!

What’s your favorite sex toy? Or if you’re a toy virgin, which sounds most appealing? Sound off, Vixens!

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