Pardon The Introduction: Casey Veggies [Pg. 2]


That’s so dope, and the fact that you are young, you’ve got so much more further to go, you know? So I think that that’s awesome. What’s the track that means the most to you to date?
I would say maybe “The Panties” [over Mos Def]. It’s like a little remake, and I feel like I just did my own little flavor and twist to it, but I feel like all the way through I was giving like essential bars to life. I was rapping things that were close to my heart and things that was close to nature. If you listen you’ll see that I was really just spilling my heart out all throughout the song, so that’s one of my closest songs. Then another record called “Hear Me Screaming.” I spilled my heart out about my grandma – she’s in the hospital right now and she had a stroke and things like that so it’ something I’m strong about but on that song I basically explain everything that goes through my mind when I think about it.

Wow, and hopefully your grandmother gets better – that’s real talk. Now, a lot of times come to NY for their first time to ink their deals. Is that on the table?
I wouldn’t say it’s definite, but there’s definitely things in the works right now. There’s a lot of things going down out here just for me as a whole and Peas & Carrots and my homies. Everything’s starting to change, and we’re getting more opportunities so I would say, yeah, definitely things are in the works, but nothing’s for sure. Nothing’s for sure at all.

Okay. Any place that you would like to call home? Any label?
Peas & Carrots, right now.

I respect that. Tell me what you’re working on for the future. What’s next for Casey?
I mean I’m just gonna continue to progress and like build it up. I’m here because I built something straight from the start so I’ma just keep building, keep on finding new ways to make it better and then I’ll go from there.

Who are you locked into right now musically? Who are you feeling, who’s influencing you, who’s inspiring you and all that?
It’s hard to answer that question right now because I haven’t really been into any new artists. I would say I switch up a lot. I’m really happy to see what everybody in my city is doing right now for the West coast and shit like that. But I’ve been trying to listen to older stuff. An album that really inspired me even on Sleeping in Class was Nas’ Illmatic. And I remember first hearing it maybe a couple years back, a year and a half ago, for the first time and once I heard it it was just on replay so that’s an album that really helped me out when I was making Sleeping in Class but other than that, no musical inspirations right now really heavy in the game. I’m just trying to focus on me and see what I can come up with on my own.

You did mention something about West coast music – how are you feeling about this movement? ‘Cause it seems like all these new people on the scene and a lot of artists making noise right now are from the West Coast. Do you think there’s gonna be this crazy West coast domination that’s about to take over or what?
I mean, that’s what it’s looking like – it might as well happen. It wasn’t planned or nothin’, but it’s looking like it might go down like that.

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