Peep This: 6th Annual Latin Mixx Conference & Awards


Years ago, when the “Latin Mixx” was still the “Latin Urban Mixx,” founder Kevin “Pills” Monatano had a burgeoning vision to showcase and give recognition to the creativity of Latino DJs and Latino culture from all over. Now, after three consecutive years of seeing significant success (the Latin Mixx received a grand amount of positive feedback in Miami in 2006, 2007 and 2008) Monatano has brought the festivities to New York City’s Times Center and was present to catch some of the action.

During day two of the conference (July 13th), we had the chance to sit in on Hennessy’s “Discovering the Hennessy DJ Collective,” where DJ Laz of Miami’s Power 96, DJ Geraldo of Texas’ Mega Houston, DJ Eddie One of LA’s Latino 96, Laura Stylez of New York’s Hot 97 and DJ Omarcillo of Chicago’s La Kalle 106.7 all sat down to discuss what it means to represent the brand, how they got on board with the brand and how they integrate it all into their fast-paced lifestyles as well-known Latino DJs.

Moderated by Manny Gonzalez, Director of Hispanic Marketing for Hennessy/Moet Hennessy USA, the 30-minute discussion gave upcoming DJs, artists and entrepreneurs a chance to ask the panel questions and in return gain inspirational insight towards fueling their rise to the top of the creative Latino world. Afterwards, Aventura’s Max Santos received a personal DJ lesson from DJ Laz.

And the day didn’t end there. Later that evening, the party made its way to Club Cielo where the DJ Icon Award Presentation & Celebration took place and Tony Touch presented Little Louie Vega with the ICON Award.

Wasn’t there to peep it all for yourself? See photos of the event below. —Stephanie Long

Max from Aventura

Max getting lesson from DJ Laz

The Hennessy DJ Collective Panel

Tony Touch giving Louie Vega the ICON Award

Manny Gonzalez and Louie Vega

Tony Touch and Hennessy Executives