Peep This: Rosario Dawson Discusses “Zookeeper,” Her Love For Animals

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Rosario Dawson co-stars with Kevin James in ZOOKEEPER, which hits theaters on Friday (July 8). Here, she discusses her character, what makes the movie funny and her passion for animals. Watch below:

Dawson can’t say much in promoting the movie but we saw it and we can tell you that it’s actually something the whole family can enjoy. It’s the story of a man who gets his heart broken by a woman who feels he isn’t good enough for her because of his occupation. But with the help of the animals who reveal that they can talk and Rosario Dawson’s character, he discovers that Zookeeping is his passion and that he won’t change who he is just to make someone else happy. It’s a standard lesson that never gets old.

We must warn you, there’s some lewd potty humor involved but overall, we were entertained.