Peter Thomas Breaks Down His Battery Charge Acquittal


From Uptown – Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas was recently acquitted of a battery charge. A female employee accused Thomas of pushing her during an altercation at his Uptown Restaurant and Lounge, which is now closed.

He faced a year in prison had he been convicted but he won and he gave us his side of the story. As Told To Starrene Rhett

On April 27, 2008, four months after I opened Uptown Restaurant and Lounge, we had an employee at around 1:30 at night that was in the employee closet, which was off limits to employees until they finished their shift. That was for the fact that everyone in the store kept their purses in the closet. Most of them put their stuff in lockers with no lock so we don’t allow anybody to go back in there, especially cocktail servers because that they walk around with money all night long and we don’t want them to play any games. So at around 1:30 in the morning, I was in the kitchen, closing the kitchen down and a young lady came in there. She was in the closet for about eight minutes and the closet door was closed. I was in there around the same amount of time and noticed the closest door opening [when she came out]. So when I asked her what she was doing in there she said she was checking her messages. We had about 800 people in the club that night. It was hot! Her shift that she was supposed to be working was in the VIP area so it made no sense to me that she would be in the closet. And when I asked her, she kind of stuttered. I’m a street dude and I can pick up on things real quick so I’m like this girl is lying. So at that point I told her to get out. I didn’t feel like dealing with no BS at that point. I really don’t talk to my cocktail girls because them girls down here, if you’re a little bit too nice to them and all of a sudden they want to go tell people that you came on to them and stuff like that so I have a policy that I don’t even talk to them. I had this policy way before this incident because I’ve been doing nightclubs since 1986 and that was the 9th venue for me since then.


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