Please Don’t Go! 5 Reasons Lil Wayne Shouldn’t Retire Anytime Soon

Lil Wayne is thinking about hanging up his microphone for good.

Like other rappers in the past who have taunted us with their threats of retirement (hellooooo, Jay-Z!), Wayne recently revealed that he’s considering calling it quits after Tha Carter IV drops later this year in order to spend more time with his family. Specifically, he wants to make sure that he doesn’t neglect his duties as a dad to his four children while he’s off touring the world and laying down new tracks at the studio.

We can certainly respect that line of reasoning—and we wish a few other rappers out there would use it from time to time—but we also have three words that we’d like to say to Weezy: Don’t do it! We understand that he’s not a kiddie rapper anymore, but we really hope the 28-year-old MC isn’t seriously thinking about giving up the rap game for good. We’re pretty sure he’s not—again, how many times has Jay said he’s finished!?—but just in case he’s serious, we’ve come up with five reasons that he absolutely, positively, without a doubt should not retire anytime soon. Here’s why it’s time for him to put away those 401K papers and get back to work!—Chris Yuscavage