Plus-Size Icon Mia Amber Davis, Cause Of Death Finally Revealed


Mia Amber Davis, well known plus size model, actress, television producer and community activist passed in May causing shock to many supporters.

According to reports, the mogul who unexpectedly passed away during routine knee surgery died from a blockage that occurred in one of her main arteries in her lungs, in May. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office released an updated death certificate after an autopsy and a series of toxicology tests were performed, finding that Davis had blood clot.

Before passing, Davis, 36, had knee surgery to alleviate pain that she experienced from a basketball injury while in college.  Despite going to a very reliable physician, she was announced dead within 24 hours of the surgery.

The voluptuous Vixen quickly came on the scene as a key figure in the plus-size fashion world with her delightful curves, witty personality and enticing smile. She was associated with brands as Essence Magazine, Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant and Monif C.

Now that the Coroner has issued a final ruling on the cause of her death, we offer our dearest sympathy in the family’s time of bereavement. Mia Amber Davis is survived by her husband, Michael Yard.